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Cutting-edge Technologies
NodeJS + ES + Microservices
Customize it the way you want
Progressive ecommerce app
High on-page SEO
Scalable as well as performant
Modern API architecture
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Customized Design

Create a unique brand presense with a custom ecommerce store. We help you develop a UI/UX that impacts your customer thought process and connects with your audience. The cutting edge design and UX practices will help you meet your business objectives faster with a fluid & unique customer experience.

  • A fully custom designed product & listing page
  • Ability to show product variations and size/color filters
  • Bulk import/export and categorization
  • Abandonned cart & Wishlist feature
  • ‘bought together’ & ‘simmilar products’ suggestions
  • Low inventory alert
  • Dynamic transactional emails
  • Advanced single page checkout
  • Unlimited static pages

Payment Gateway

Offer a secure payment gateway to your buyers. We have integrations with over 10 gateways including CC Avenue, PayU, PayPal, PayZippy, Mobikwik, Paytm, Instamojo, Razorpay, Cashfree and more. You can easily accept payments via credit card, debit card, online wallets and net banking.


Based on cloud architecture, it gives uptime as high as 99.99%. Everything is hosted inside a personal VPS which helps us nullify security issues and optimize network performance. Further to that we are using Serverless / Microservices / FaaS to separate different modules. It gives highest speed, uptime as well as maintainance free


Reach your buyers with automated marketing & engagement tools. Grow your sales via advertisements, custom discount coupons, SEO tools, etc. Choose one of our marketing partners to drive traffic to your website and eventually grow your sales.

The Next Generation of Commerce - Get started selling within minutes. Featuring a complete e-commerce store designed for products and services with tons of free and exciting features.

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Faster ecommerce

Complete website loads under 3 second. API calls processed under 0.4s

Flexible scope

Customize it with your unique idea and create a unique brand presence.

Enterprise standard

Get started under 1 weeek with litekart's ready to use enterprise level ecommerce architecture.

800+ developers and ecommerce business owners have adopted litekart for achieving speed, performance and scalability.

We take the hassles of technology so you can focus on what you do best — selling

Open source & free


Download the project free and customize the way you want.

Sapper Commerce's headless architecture allows us with an option to choose from any technology stack

Svelte / Sapper

Store front build over the latest and lightweight javascript approach. This framework gained popularity withing few days of its launch. Maintained by an active community with over 28k starts on github.

Over 60 stars within 60 day of its launch

Loved by people arround the world and growing.

* 70 github stars | * 17 github forks

Ecommerce Essentials integrated

Important features like Animations, lazy loading, Carousel are shipped out of the box. This adds up towards a great user experience.

PWA as standard

Open source & free

Standalone Opensource project

This project is complete by itself, no backend requirement. Everything included in this food commerce app.

Firebase at back

This app uses firebase for database and uses google social login for authentication need.

Great UI for mobile

Created with mobile users in mind, this design is optimized for mobile devices.

Simple for developers

Written in pure HTML & CSS + Clean code delights developers while working on it.

Progressive ecommerce based on VueJS

Based on one of the most loved javascript frontend library (VueJS) with over 155k github stars

Free for startups

Headless API based architecture

Store front, Store Administration, API, Images are separated. Hence gives us flexibility of choosing and integrating with any other service.

Custom settings

An fully customizable interactive ecommerce dashboard created with latest javascript stack which delivers speed and ease of use for admin, managers, vendors

Lightweight and modern javascript full stack

With NodeJS and MongoDB at back, all operations are just blazing fast

Great Search Experience

With elastic search technology at the edge, it gives the end customers immence power of search with facet based filters.

Progressive ecommerce based on VueJS

Based on one of the most loved javascript frontend library (VueJS) with over 155k github stars

Seemless developer experience

Here’s how Litekart helps deliver the best sales

Scalable and secure

Forget about visitors surge during a sale. The architecture takes care of it.

Superfast image processing

Based on NodeJS, it empowers faster database and file system access.

Best in class uptime, performance

Litekart takes advantage of the cloud platforms providing 99.99% uptime.
7 days money back guarantee
Full refund if you feel the product does not fit your need.


A 1-second delay in page load can decrease conversion by 7%. Online stores from Litekart are blazing fast on cloud infrastructure, with an average page load time under 2 seconds – resulting in faster page browsing times, improved conversion, and better customer experience. Progressive web app are the future of Mobile APP. All our products are PWA in built

Here are some of the google lighthouse / page speed stats, that proves what we say.






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